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About WordPress Newsboard

It is primarily an itch scratched. :-)

I was on my way up the WordPress learning curve in 2014 and was looking for an easy way to stay up to date, as well as learn about more advanced topics. I was relying on Alltop, Zite and several leading WordPress sites to do so.

Soon though, I learned that I was still missing out on things. So, I went on a googling journey to collect all the leading WordPress publication sites I could find, which brought me to the Advanced WordPress group on facebook. I was able to identify several good news sources from the WordPress experts and enthusiasts there, including the importance of podcasts.

What you see now is a result of all my effort to collect, aggregate and categorize the latest in the WordPress ecosystem. It is primarily built using WP RSS Aggregator. Now, all I have to do is check back every day to stay up to date.

If you know of other news sources I should include in WordPress Newsboard, please give me a shout at this thread.